Tuesday, 24 January 2012

The groupie interpreter

As well as working as a translator, I'm also an interpreter. That said, the kind of interpreting I do is pretty strange. I've been working as an interpreter for many years, but I've never set foot inside a booth since I graduated from uni.

I get such a buzz from this kind of gig. I have always been a first-class groupie. I'd hang around outside the venue before or after a gig to try to get the band to sign my CDs. (Let me add I was always in complete control of my senses, do not mistake me for a twi-hard fan). As you can imagine, when I first started working this kind of jobs, I couldn't believe my luck. I started out thanks to some friends who worked for a now-defunct Spanish TV channel called C: (on Canal Plus). I got to meet the artists, got in free to the gig and sometimes got some swag to take home with me too. Getting to share a sofa with Nicky Wire has been one of my favourite moments ever.

I graduated from music into film and TV a few years later and found myself dealing with press conferences, TV sets and swanky hotels. I debuted in the film world thanks to Cargo. I worked for a day in Madrid and a day in Barcelona. They flew me out to Barcelona first class, I loved the celebrity lifestyle. The cast were all really great and Peter Mullan and I got on like a house on fire. We had such a giggle. It was hard work, press conferences, back-to-back interviews, no time to eat, no time to rest, but working with such a nice bunch of people made it so much fun.

Over the years I've dealt with egos the size of double-decker buses, met some of my favourite groups, actors and directors, chatted to some of the nicest people ever, faced 3,000 screaming teenagers in a bullring (thank you, Twilight) and have tried to make myself heard over frenzied teenagers in a cinema (thank you, Zac Efron).

I can't wait to see what the future has in store. I'm still reeling after meeting yesterday's diva!!

That's me on the left with Claire, my partner in crime.